Black Gun Chart a great starting point on future builds, we will do our best to bring you as many parts as we can...


Welcome! We want to thank some of our groups out there who have supported us from Day number one, and one of those groups happens to be the "Clone Group" where duplicating our weapons of the past, and todays weapons is just another day for these guys.

We sell most of the parts you will see on these builds, so enjoy the pics, and if you have bought parts from us, and have something to brag about? You need to show us, we want to see those Clone guns!

Here we go, I like this one here, a good customer and friend of SAC hes helping getting our clone page started here. He submitted this beauty with the understanding it wasn't done yet but we still like it a lot, the MK18 Mod1 CQBR compliments of Cesar G. 

Another fine clone, check this one out a Mk17 Mod O by Matthew Gabel. Doesnt get much better then this boys and girls drool on...

Nice build "Jaymz Cervantez!" I dont know about anyone else but I will take 2.​

This is a dandy here, we figured that a few of those groups who do clone builds were going to really drool a bit when they see what this Army Ranger built.

How about the M4 SOPMOD BLOCK ll

they just keep getting better around here,

credits go to: Matthew Gabel

This is one of our favorites, and a great customer of SAC photo courtesy by "Caleb Downing" he bought one of our MK18 uppers and really made it look right!