​Colt Special (standard)

Colt Parts

Colt Raptor Special

Includes the following:

Colt Upper receiver

Colt full auto BCG

​Raptor style charging handle


​Our Price 245.00

​Colt Raptor Special

​ColtSpecial (standard)

This is the same as the above

Colt Special it just has the

standard charging handle

included with this package.

Includes FREE SHIPPING as well.

​Our Price 225.00

​Colt Small Parts for the M-16 or AR-15​

Factory Colt Upper receivers

​Colt 10.3 Complete upper.

​Colt Carbine gas tube.

​Colt 10.3 Complete Upper

​Colt Middle gas tube.

Inventory getting low dont hesitate!

Colt commando uppers are in!

We have a limited amount of these great uppers for a very low price. Get yours today for only 499.99 shipped they do come with a quadrail just not the KAC in the picture.they do come with everything else tho even the Magpul rear sight. Thats 499.99 shipped!

Colt 10.3 complete upper these are super hard to come by especially with the new Knights Armament handguard on them.

features include:

Colt upper Receiver


Colt CH W/cage code

Colt 10.3 Chrome lined barrel.

A.R.M.S Rear sight

Knights Armament Handguard.

​    Our Price only 750.00

​Colt Rifle gas tube.

Colt Keyhole upper receivers:

Keyhole or Square forge, M4 symbol over gas key​, All uppers are C marked.

Uppers are complete with  dust cover and forward assist installed at Colt.

Price for keyhole upper 125.00​, Price for square upper 110.00

Colt Full Auto BCGS

These are the very best for your M16 or AR15 these have all appropriate markings.

Marked MPC at top of bolt, White dot under carrier, Marked "C" on side of carrier

Battle tested , Military approved.

​Our Price 125.00

​Factory Colt full auto bolt carrier groups.

Coming soon the month

of November full line of

     Colt Parts for your 

​         AR-15 & M-16